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My name is Mark Quitong, the Author, and Founder of www.androidpinas.comI am here to introduce to you the latest news regarding Android Smartphone Devices, especially in the field of Android Philippine Local Brands as well as the other Popular Authentic Brands.

We human in this Era fond with the newly release Android Smartphone Device. We tend to choose the right device that suited to our tastes, that’s why we look for the right latest news, features and specifications of the said Smartphone. Android devices now dominating this generation that even kids have it. Look at the streets, roads, mall, cafeteria, concert hall, sidewalks and many establishments, people holding their beloved Android Smartphone Devices, People that are happy to have a nice Phone for interests. Android Gadgets now are very useful and give us a satisfaction feeling because this device has a lot of features such as Music for the music enthusiasts and even on-the- go documents and other application as well. This device will surely help People from day to day task with the use of free applications on it.

About Android Pinas

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mark Quitong, Gadget lover and music enthusiasts residing here in the Philippines. I graduated from the System Technology Institute or STI with the course of Diploma in Information and Technology. I love doing technology stuff such as customizing Android Smartphone and other related gadget devices

That time I decided to buy a gadget for myself, a device that entertains me and gives me satisfaction such as gaming, music essentials, customizing and tweaking. This device is so-called “Cherry Mobile Flare S100.” This era of the first Philippine local brand of Android boosts the popularity of the said device. So many people bought it including me, by doing stuff related, tweaking and customizing and then many models came over and the population of Android Enthusiasts escalating through. Many bloggers also did by submitting their idea and opinions online and I am inspired by what they’ve done and we know that they had helped a lot of People by looking for the guides, tips and answer.

Here I Am! Also, I want to share my knowledge online to give the audience the information about Latest Smartphone Android Devices. This is why I started my blog to share with you the things coming. Here at Androidpinas.com, I will inform you the latest news, specification, tips and guides in the field of Android Smartphone. I will do my best to share my knowledge of it and I hope that you will stay tuned to my blog.

Thank you for reading my first I hope to give you the best. Please stay tuned to my blog. We will let this zone happy! 

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